2010-10-28 12:30

Are you the adventurous kind?
Would you like to live, learn and work in an international environment?
Would it interest you to work with rural community development in
poor, remote Chinese mountain villages?

YID (Yunnan Institute of Development) is a school working with
cultural education and community development in Yunnan province,
southern China.
In cooperation with international HUMANA People to people we run
following activities;

1. Yunnan Institute of Development, is an adult education centre
offering an 11 months volunteer program where studies on
development and humanitarian issues go hand in hand with community
work in poor mountain villages in China.
2. One 'Child Aid' project, which has as its purpose to improve the
living standards of children in poor rural areas in Yunnan province.
The project follows an international 10-lines program.
3. Local cultural education in Yunnan province. This includes e.g.
language studies and studies on HIV/AIDS.

We need volunteers for our March, May, September and November team

For more information on our program and how to participate, please contact:
[email protected]
Website: http://www.volunteerchina.org/